Built: 2005
PLZ 16xxx

Technical Data
storage silo 4 St. NL 18/17, storage capacity: 7800 to
transport capacity 100 to/h

Built: 2009

Technical Data
storage silo 2 St. NL 13/27, loading silo for wood pellets
storage capacity: 7800 to
Transport capacity 45 to/h

Built: 2007

Technical Data - on enquiry

Built: 2010
PLZ 15xxx


The plant should last and chip grain for reserve.

For a 24-h recipe the grist has to portioned (100 kg/h) and lead in the fermenter.

The plant is carried out after the ATEX-principle.

The conveyors are used to capacity because of the receiving of the grain, the chipping for reserve and the constribution of the grist in the fermenter.

The technical part enfolded an auger, a bucket elevator, a chain conveyor, a silo, a malt-mill, a grist silo, diverse loader augers and the stuffing screw.

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