through-flow dryer

Through-flow dryer NDT

Through-flow dryer NDT

The NDT dryer was developed especially for drying wheat, rye, barley, corn, rice, sunflowers and other bulk materials. The drying unit is appropriate for standard drying capacities from 8.000 kg/h to 73,000 kg/h *. The dryer column consists of individual drying segments, which are made of corrosion-resistant materials.  Each of these elements consists of roof shape air ducts, which are in each case open at one end and closed at the other end. The dryer can be heated both indirectly and directly, in addition, the connection by means of a heat exchanger to a biological gas facility or to a biological-heat-power-plant is possible. This is integrated instead of the heater into the hot-air channel. For capacities up-to approx.500 kW the use of warm air from a solid burner plant is possible. The Control cabinet is manufactured according to the valid regulations of VDE 100 and contains the service sections and the controlling of the drying unit. The control is operated through a PLC and over a Touch panel. For controlling the parameters the dryer is installed with sensors and level controls.
For the emergency operation (in case of failure in the PLC) a manual control system is available. The production in Germany - Melle - gives the security of DIN and a CE-construction as well as a fast spare part supply to the customer.

* Basis grain with the density of 780 kg/m³

Air circulation pattern
Warm air is supplied to the dryer column, led by the partition wall into the drying sections and sucked out over the exhaust air vents by a fan. The cooling air is sucked into the lower range of the exhaust air vent by shutters and led through the cooling zone. Air that has been warmed up with the cooling of the drying goods are mixed to the warm air by means of adjustable air guidance mechanisms. This procedure is called passive heat recovery and serves the energy optimization.

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