Carl Lemmerbrock and Willy Engelbrecht started to manufacture piping in 1909. They were only 19 years old and the first workshop was located in the laundry room. The name "Neue-Ro" is a made-up word, containing the village name Neuenkirchen and the original product "rosette or Rohr" (pipe).

The brand name NEUERO was officially registered. Production was moved to a larger hall in Neuenkirchen.


After a decrease following World War I, the company expanded again in 1928. Patents for straw cutters were set in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary. The company moved to Melle and began industrial mass production.


After World War II the need for blowers and other agricultural equipment skyrocked. It was hard to obtain enough material. However, the output increased to 10,000 each year, reaching NEUERO market leader. The equipments were delivered by wagon train to destinations all over Germany.

NEUERO started to produce silos. They had a capacity of 17.4 to, 4m height and a diameter of 2.6m.

NEUERO took over a former great competitor, the company Wilhelma.

After structural improvements during the following years, the company NEUERO Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH was founded in 1988.

The production and storage facility in Melle was expanded.

Heinz Eilermann, one general manager who founded the company in 1988, decided to retire. Since then NEUERO has been family-owned.


The company moved to a larger modern facility in Melle-Buer.



Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH - Alter Handelsweg 11 - 49328 Melle